Session Info

We want you to have the best possible session with us, so keep these thoughts in mind when planning for your session:



There are so many options for clothing that make it difficult to decide what to wear! For any session, it is important that your clothes fit you. For example, if it's too small and there are gaps on your button down shirt, or straps from your sun dress digging into your skin, you'll notice it in the photos. The same can be said if your clothes are too big. If your shirt, pants, dress, etc. is too big, it can look really baggy and unflattering in photos. It can also add weight depending on your body type. Clothes that fit you, and your body type, can really make for an awesome and memorable session that you'll look back for years to come.

For individual sessions like senior portraits, you can have a mix of clothes for your session. Fabrics that have a design or print can work during the session, but look for prints that are small and don't detract from you. You're still the star of the session! For girls senior sessions, we love a variety of tops, dresses, skirts, and cute jackets and accessories. Hats and scarves are fun to bring as well. For guys senior sessions, button down shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, nice fitted t-shirts, Letterman jackets and denim or leather jackets can really add variety and style to your session.

For sessions that have more than one person, like engagement sessions and family sessions, you'll want to think about your outfits as a whole. Start by picking a color scheme. Do you want pastels? Jewel tone? All black shirts and denim? Narrowing what you want to wear, or what looks good on you and your family, is a good way to start. In the past, we always recommended solid fabrics rather than prints as it distracts from the people in the photo. But prints can work and add a little variety to the clothing. Depending on the number of people in the photo, you may want to limit to one person in the group wearing a small print. Too many prints can make the photo so busy, you'll find you view the clothing more than the people in the photo.

For professional portraits, you'll want to wear something that reflects your profession. Most clients wear a blazer, but we've had other professions where a fitted shirt works great for the session. This is something we will discuss when you book your session.



One of the biggest factors in a session is hair and makeup. I'm going to start with guys first, as I know the girls will keep reading. Guys, while most don't wear makeup, hair is just as important for you as it is for the women. Most guys are pretty easy going with their hair as is, but those of you with hair that can be styled, make sure you like it the day of your session. I even recommend bringing the gel and comb with you, so you can style as you go. For those of you that like it short, please no fresh haircuts the week of your session. Almost everyone has a light tan line at the base of their hairline, and it's only noticeable when you have a fresh haircut.

For the ladies, there's a bit more to discuss. With over 6,000 portrait sessions photographed, we've learned a few things that will help you have the best session. For hair, we recommend doing your normal style. For example, if you straighten your hair ever day, then I would suggest continuing with that style. If you curl your hair daily, then go with that look. I don't recommend going to the salon and trying a new look, as almost every single client who has had a new look wished they did their normal routine.

For makeup in any session, we recommend a matte look. This keeps you looking young and fresh for photos. The new trend is to have bronzer, highligher, and glitter everywhere. While we do love a fierce eye (glitter on the eyelid is ok), those three makeup trends tend to make your face shiny/glossy in photos, which is not something you want. It's beautiful in person, but in photos it translates a little differently. Just remember, Larry is a master photographer who is going to put you in great natural portrait lighting. Your skin will look amazing, even if all you have is foundation and powder, or even none at all.



If you wear glasses, find out if the lenses have an anti-reflective coating. We want you to be YOU in your photos, but some glasses have a glare when photographed, which can completely obscure the eyes in photos. If you aren't sure, check with your optometrist, or bring in a second pair of glasses in case your main set doesn't work.